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Stacey's GM Application. (potential Epic Fail XD)

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Stacey's GM Application. (potential Epic Fail XD)

Post  Stacey on Sun Aug 09, 2009 10:05 pm

Please Read Before Review Application:
I realize that this is the first post that I have made in this forum so I understand if you base a decision on that fact. But please, if you could, please consider my application.

Name: Stacey
IGN Stacey
Age: Well, if you must know, I'm 19
Timezone: GMT-7, or also MDT

Why do you want to be a GM?
The first time I entered this server, I realized that there were few GMs, as your Staff and Support link on your website indicated that there were 3 GM openings. What I didn't realize that was: when I first entered the game and talked to Sera and getting stuck in the training camp and using the @gm resulted in no reply. Getting use to the game was difficult in the beginning... Eventually later that day, I finally got some help from Flora, WHO WAS EXTREMELY HELPFUL... even to the point where she unfroze my character using some of the available commands (eg. @revive) Therefore, from that point, I decided, hey, I want to help people. Because others like me coming from Cyngus or other private servers need to get use to server. But, my inspiration comes from FLORA. <3 (Note: I am NOT a lesbian)

As well, KS-ing is a big problem in the FM... especially in the boss rooms. I want to see this stop... As well as those Item Vacers/ Monster Vacs... ITS ALREADY AN EXTREMELY HIGH RATE SERVER... WHY DO YOU NEED TO HACK?? AND it isn't hard to get a pet that holds a item pouch and/or meso magnet AND if you rebirth as a warrior MONSTER MAGNET works... WHY DO YOU NEED TO HACK?

The good, the bad, and the ugly. What do you do to the KSers and hackers?
Like I said before, THERE ARE CERTAIN SKILLS that I regard as pretty much hacking... WHY DO YOU NEED TO ILLEGALLY USE HACKS when Pets, Monster Magnets, 15k EXP already work??? Instant Banhammer. Srs.
KSers, I believe that some people don't mean to KS. So maybe 1 or 2 warnings before a 10 minute jail in the ludi jail... Just cause you can't smega out of that one. If they do it again, it'll be a 24 hour jail BECAUSE they don't understand the meaning of COURTESY.
Of course being in a server like this, OTHER types of disputes do exist. If they exist in the real world, and GMS, then they can certainly exist here. For instance, smega wars - MOST STUPID THING ON THE WORLD. You don't bring a KS war or a domestic dispute to OTHER players, nor do you ask for help. Its retarded and people are stupid in believing that spamming smegas will help the situation. Its instant jail in the ludi jail where smegas don't work from it (or at least they didn't use to). Otherwise the alternate is locking them in the pelican jail where they're in close quarters.
If its just a dispute between "lovers" or anything, I try to stay out of it unless it goes server wide, it doesn't help if others who don't care to hear about it.
Other hacks: flying/swimminng, speed, extra jump, scroll hacks, etc... the MISC hacks - to be honest, I don't have a problem with these as long as they're aren't used to abuse the terms that Furret has made - for instance in jump quests competition or used in anyway to annoy other plays. Of course they're bad, but most GMs are aware of these hacks and most of them use them. But, the thing is. They are still considered bad. (@Sam, !cheater DOESN'T CATCH THESE)
I also wish the good are rewards -- I WOULD help code for karma points... if such a system exists...
If they become a nuisance, 24 temp ban on IP address... unless they're bloody brilliant and use a proxy server, then I have no idea what to do.

Experience... ?
Sadly, I don't have much. I'm a pretty active player on private servers. For the past year, my friends and I started up a private server review site... so I generally float around servers. The only server I got to be a GM is now a closed server... but it was running Odin source v.55.... I understand now that Cygnus Knights is the new pack, my skill lacks a bit there.

How long do YOU play, I like events, and I need someone active to get those hackers...
Of course, server reboots/ checks/ restarts are pains... NO ONE can log in. I work in the day, and I'll eventually go back to school like you guys in September. I usually spent 2 hours on weekdays and I leave my Maple on for 8 hours on weekends (probably active for only 3-5).. But once school starts, its only an hour a night for weekdays...
I ALSO do have a social life. Friday nights ARE a no go for me. (18 is the legal age where I live...)
And in the case school is wrecking my life (yes, University do not bring me the greatest joys), I will probably have to cut down on my hours...

I have a comment about this thought. Most high rate servers get caught by Nexon. In the event this server goes back to Hamachi, I am unable to play anymore, as I use a Mac and XP, neither which Hamachi likes to coexist with.

Your Maple experiences.
As of today, I have played on Global, Sea and kMS (yes, I did manage to get myself a Korean SIN (social insurance number). As well, I have reviewed 23 private servers, INCLUDING the original OdinMS. But in actuality, I've play 35 servers. My life is long, I started Maple when I was 15 and I took a 2 year break.

Describe yourself.
I'm a pedo =)

I try to be funny when I'm not.
and I try to be really good at English and use big words when I can't. Hahaha.
Fine, I'm enthusiastic. And once I make a decision, I don't regret it. You live once.

Further Remarks?
Furret with Hyper Beam is ownage.

Last edited by Stacey on Wed Aug 12, 2009 12:00 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : more fail)

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Re: Stacey's GM Application. (potential Epic Fail XD)

Post  Hyper on Mon Aug 10, 2009 2:00 pm

Nice App and theres a player commands @dispose incase you didnt know ;D

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Re: Stacey's GM Application. (potential Epic Fail XD)

Post  LycanKing on Wed Aug 12, 2009 3:18 am

hes right nice app... by the way your because of your DinoZaur i felled from the chairXD
now its not getting out of my head...
open the door , get on the floor, everybody walk the DINO ZAUR

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Re: Stacey's GM Application. (potential Epic Fail XD)

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