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a Decent Application Format to follow:

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a Decent Application Format to follow:

Post  Flora on Tue Aug 11, 2009 2:29 am

To increase one's chance of being accepted, I decided to point out a few guidelines and even a format. ^^

    - Don't say you want to be a [GM/Coder] in your title or in the beginning. We know you want to, otherwise you wouldn't have applied in the first place. Saying "I want to be a [GM/Coder]" with some reasoning afterward would seem better than plain out saying "I WANT TO BE TEH GMZ0RZ! I LIEK PIE!"

    - Color is optional, but greatly enhances your application. Why color? because it makes your application stand out and can even put the reader in a better mood. However, you don't want to use colors that would destroy the reader's eye because that would defeat the purpose of such. i.e. using a dark color on this background. For forums like these, it would actually be more beneficial to use either a really bright color or just stick with the plain white format.

    - Don't be concise. Although many would skim through an application, it isn't always good to be concise. Having little details would mean that whatever the person takes a glimpse at end quickly, not giving the reader enough information about you.

    - Don't be too detailed. There's a limit however, of how detailed you should be. Writing around a 3/4 ~ a page would be fine, but turning this application into a 45 page book would be a pain and would usually not even be read.

    - Grammar is loved. Although you may be good at coding and catching hackers, it would bother a majority of the players in the server if they read th1ng5 l13k dis or choppy. weird sentenced; improperly-formed sentences, such as the one I just gave you. I can guesstimate that at least 95% of the private server players would prefer reading fully written and grammatically correct sentences rather than reading text-message language.

    - Take a look at the accepted Gm applications. -cough- They may not be perfect, but you would get a general idea of what makes an application great. It may be as difficult as being more detailed than an impressionist artist, or it may be as easy as saying furrets are the best thing since sliced bread. (but please don't say that; I'm serious.)

    -Bring people into the server! No, I'm not demanding you to do so. Bringing in people you know would actually boost your chance at becoming whatever you want to be. The reason why is because then there would be more people to vouch for you. If one of these people happen to be the HeadAdmin of a popular Top 50's server, then that would make you look better than someone without support.

Here's a typical format that I would follow, note that you should include everything in here and that possibly adding more would strengthen your chance at becoming the position you want.
Example wrote:
Position: [GM or Coder]
Summary about yourself:
Why do you want to be a [GM/Coder]?
What would you do in this scenario****?
Experience in your position: [proof if possible.]
How long you have been playing Ms in your region:
Who supports you*****?
Additional information:

* - Real life names, please nothing like "TEH SUPER AWESOMENESS MEGATRON
** - Only if you want to. Privacy hoars like me would rather email furret his or her email.
*** - Country/state is fine, so if you weren't on for whatever reason, we could check the weather in your area and put one and one together to get two.
**** - The reason why we would want you to explain what you would do in some scenarios is because it would give us a image of how good of a Gm you would be. To be honest, I wasn't even expecting the GM position to be harder than I thought.
***** - make sure we have some sort of proof to see that it isn't just you on a different account made 3 minutes after your gm application. We mean support as in people from different servers/places.

Anyways, Thanks for reading<3


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Re: a Decent Application Format to follow:

Post  Hyper on Tue Aug 11, 2009 8:56 am

Nice Format ;D
Lol and I did look at yours too!

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