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I Want To Be GM.

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I Want To Be GM.

Post  kenjohn019 on Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:01 am

Name : Sim Ken John

IGN : 1123




Why would we choose you?
You guys would choose me becasue I am on all the time.I have nice aand has a good personilty, freindly, talkative. I have a sister who is a gm already.
How many times have you been a GM?
I have been a for like about 4 times hoping for a 5th time.

Do you know any commands and/or IDs?
I know all the commands from my own gm book but if any that I dont know I can learn qucikly and could help they too if I need help.

What will you do if there was a hacker?
If a hacker came in the server i would first go in hide , track him/her down, watch to see if they really hack and i will give them warning.

Why apply for GM status?
I am apply for thing Gm postion becasue I am willin to help people and the rest of the server in fixing some of thr problems.

Why i choose this server?
Becasue the server look fun and I got to watch it get started and now I feel like I wanna be a greater part in helping and fixing the server up for all to enjoy.

Extras..Anything you want to say~

How did i find out about the server?
My sister jen told me about it and I went to try it out and love it.

Times that i can be on to help?
Weekdays from 12-5 and 7-9
Weekends Anytime that I am home.


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